En résumé

Examples of achievements :

puce External project leader for the development of new dosage forms (pharmaceutical development and analytical studies, industrial and analytical validation, stability studies for registration dossiers)

puce Preparation of modules 3.2.S and 3.2.P, of QOS for new registration dossiers, actualisation dossiers, variations dossiers

puce Assessment of portfolio for acquisition purposes (dermopharmaceutical products, nutraceutical products)

puce Proposal of external skills (manufacture and analytical work subcontracting) and organization of technology transfer; preparation of subcontracting agreements

puce Contribution to the development of raw materials/ manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical qualification

puce Preparation of scientific communications (posters, publications)

puce Coordination of technico-marketing projects (new projects or concepts in dermopharmaceutical or cosmetic applications)

puce Missions in quality assurance and pharmaceutical responsibility (Qualified person in pharmaceutical laboratories). Writing and review of SOPs.